Apr 2, 2007


oye como vaHere in Vampisoul-land you will find some of the most exciting and spicy-hot artists ever. The place where raw boogaloo meets vintage funk, where latin jazz goes hand in hand with chicha, where groovy organs melt with scorching bongos and...MUCHO MORE!

Από το sampler με τίτλο 'Movers', της καλαίσθητης Ισπανικής ετικέτας Vampisoul, ξεχωρίζει αυτός ο... δυναμίτης, αγνώστων λοιπών στοιχείων!

buzz it!


Anonymous said...

Ayto to kommati einai sa na synantane oi Sugahgalore tous DrVodkatini kai ena vraziliano filo tous pou kanei ta piata na trizoun apo kathariotita

Spyros_VJ said...