Jun 7, 2008


Σε μια από τις βόλτες 'άνευ λόγου και αιτίας' στο myspace, βρήκα την chookiii.

"ch00kii was born in Jakarta, Indonesia - 1971. An artist who has collaborated with numerous vocalists and musicians internationally including Riviera, Voice of the Satelites, Puch, Noriko Olling, Darrius, and Lev Zhurbin. A side projekt with Lovespirals vocalist, Anji Bee - called Plastic Chair - was begun in 2001. Work included compositions for fashion shows (L'Oreal, Issey Miyake), commercials, product presentations (Subaru), film, and documentaries. The bulk of ch00kii's work has been been released online as free downloads on sites such as the now-defunct Mp3.com and Besonic. In 2004, Monolog Recordings announced an upcoming full-length CD, but aside from contributions to mix-CDs, nothing has surfaced. Working on future projects including a full-length album, a feature film, and further collaborations with online artists (Noriko, Me Raabenstein, Subsequent, Sate)."

Τα τραγούδια που έχει αναρτήσει στη σελίδα της, πείθουν πως αξίζουν μια προσεκτική ακρόαση!

buzz it!

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